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> Navigating a New Landscape In a fast moving field like crypto assets, we believe in the merit of having an investment thesis that is not set in stone but is updated as the market evolves. Crypto assets are based on a breakthrough technology. Far from all applications have been explored and some known applications have unknown market potential.

> We are investing in the crypto assets that are powering the next generation of computing infrastructure” This is a new generation of computing. Specifically this new type of computing is replacing trusted third-parties with software. We can now do ownership and transfer of value (money, collectibles), participation and execution of smart contracts solely based on open source software not associated with a company or organisation. Software is both replacing rent seeking middlemen and enabling completely new use cases.

We are investing in the crypto assets that are powering the next generation of computing infrastructure” It makes sense as investors to focus on infrastructure investments when the potential applications are not yet clear. By investing in infrastructure, we are exposed to any possible application being built on top of that ecosystem’s critical infrastructure. Not only do we believe infrastructure is a good starting point at the beginning of a new paradigm, our thesis is that most of the value will be captured in the lower parts of this new technology stack, specifically in what is known as base layer 1 Blockchains and Middleware. Base layer 1 blockchains are their own chains like Bitcoin or Ethereum while middleware typically are smart contract protocols being built on top of one or multiple blockchains. Our portfolio is balanced between layer 1 and middleware.

We believe the biggest potential value capture by crypto assets on open blockchains are related to financial applications. One reason why this is the case is that blockchains are only able to secure native blockchain assets and smart contracts related to those assets. Non-native blockchain assets like identity will be hard to secure using open blockchains. Furthermore, anchoring non-native blockchain assets like identity doesn’t necessarily capture a lot of value in crypto assets. In many cases non financial use cases end up anchoring information (e.g. through a hash) to a secure blockchain like Bitcoin. This can be done relatively cheaply using only a nominal amount of bitcoin. For these reasons, financial related verticals and the crypto assets underpinning these verticals are our investment focus at YOUBA.